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We empower brands on their 3D journey, implementing cutting-edge 3D and AR technologies to enhance business outcomes across the entire fashion value chain.




Allow your customers to visualize how the brand's apparel would look on them by virtually trying it on and pairing it with their existing outfits. This helps overcome the limitations of online shopping and provides a more interactive user journey.




Offer your customers a near in-store shopping experience with Virtual Try-On and 3D Viewer for Bags. Allow users to interact with the bag, try it on, explore details and pair it with outfits. With web integration, AR try-on links can be easily used in marketing campaigns and social media.




Showcase the brand's sneakers, boots, loafers, sandals, and other footwear styles in an engaging way with 3D and AR experiences. Provide customers with an opportunity to explore design features such as eye-catching soles or metallic embellishments.




Provide your customers with a realistic 'try-before-you-buy' experience, allowing them to understand the sizing, details, and fit of your iconic timepieces as if they had it on their hand. Our markerless technology and animated clock hands deliver a premium user experience.




Give shoppers the possibility to discover jewellery online with the industry’s most true-to-life 3D and AR solutions. Our proprietary technology delivers the highest realism in materials and fit, vividly showcasing the nuanced light reflections of diamonds and coloured gems.

Our Clients

FARFETCH D&G Valentino Browns IWC balenciaga diesel


Digital Marketing & 3D Advertising

  • Engage your customers by interactively showcasing the new collection with immersive web experiences (virtual try-on, 3D viewer, 3D elements incorporated into website).
  • Save on your budget by supporting your launch with additional photo/video content generated from 3D.
  • Promote via social media promotion (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok).
  • Use 3D ads for paid media.

Distribution, Sales & E-commerce

  • Create personalized experience in-store with virtual try-on mirrors and stations.
  • Allow customers to explore products in detail, increasing confidence in their online purchasing decisions.

Conversion rates increase


Returns rates decrease



  • Streamline the development process, allowing for faster iterations, reduced production costs, and shorter time-to-market.
  • Promote sustainability: 3D and AR technologies contribute to eco-friendly practices by reducing the need for physical samples, optimizing production processes, and minimizing product returns due to better-informed purchasing decisions.

Creative Operations

  • Convert 3D models to 2D images or videos for e-commerce listings and marketing content and enjoy flexibility, cost savings, and creative freedom, resulting in a more efficient and effective product presentation.
  • 3D and AR enable designers to experiment with new materials, shapes, and textures without wasting time and money on producing the real models.

Get started in 4 steps

Statement of Work Determination

1–2 weeks

  • Definition of ways for measuring success
  • Creating the list of SKUs
  • Quality control guidelines adjustment
  • UX/UI mockup showcasing


2–5 weeks

  • Content development
  • Quality check and feedback
  • Adjustments (if needed)
  • Tech setup
  • Documentation
  • QA and support

Quality assurance

1–2 weeks

  • Internal review
  • Joint discussion
  • Adjustments (if needed)

Pilot & Adjust

Depends on the project

  • Trial launch
  • Results evaluation
  • Adjustments (if needed)

Delivering results for the world's leading brands

Allbirds logo
Chris Peters, Allbirds
Senior Product Manager
The Virtual Try On technology gave our app a differentiator that set us apart from our competition. Our best customers love the ability to try on shoes at home on our app and the majority of our 5 star reviews say how amazing the Virtual Try On is
We truly believe this launch is game-changing for online retail as Visualise helps bridge the online-offline gap for shoppers who want the experience of trying on footwear before they buy.
Hyung Lee, GOAT
VP of Mobile
When it came time to launch Try-On, we wanted to work with the best AR technologists on the market, so we turned to WANNA. The result of our collaboration is a best-in-class experience with a truly life-like AR model of sneakers.
Filipa Neto
Filipa Neto, FARFETCH
Head of Open Innovation
AR and Virtual Try-On is a transformational opportunity for the luxury sector, bridging the gap between physical and digital, evolving e-commerce from 2D flat into 3D immersive and personalized.
At FARFETCH, we have seen great results across the shopping funnel with outstanding feature adoption, product engagement, and significantly higher sales for Virtual Try-On-enabled products.
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