3D Viewer for Bags

Wanna 3D solution provides your customers with a novel experience to understand the size and capacity of a bag as if they had it in their hands

Suitable for


Value for your business


3D Viewer for Bags increases customer confidence in purchase and allows to:

Zoom in and out

Explore the details from every angle

Get a better understanding of the material, texture and craftsmanship

Make informed shopping decisions


It reduces returns and carbon footprint:

Our 3D experience tackles major industry pain point where customers return bags due to unmet size expectations

A capacity widget showing which types of objects could fit into a bag: mobile phone, glasses case, bottle 0.5L, etc.

This leads to returns decreasing and evidently contributes to sustainable development


Finally, it bridges the gap between products and customers and boost your business:




Conversion rate






Why choose Wanna?

State-of-the-art image quality

The high-end quality of our 3D assets creates smooth and realistic visuals.

Easy Implementation

We provide low code solutions that could be implemented without significant time and labor costs.

3D content creation expert

We provide premium-level 3D models and optimize them to be lightweight and work quickly in immersive experiences.

Exceptional customer service

Our highly skilled team delves into the partner's business and tailors solutions to its needs, fulfilling requests promptly and efficiently.

Delivering results for the World’s leading brands

  • Filipa Neto
    Head of Open Innovation at FARFETCH
    AR and Virtual Try-On is a transformational opportunity for the luxury sector, bridging the gap between physical and digital, evolving e-commerce from 2D flat into 3D immersive and personalized.

    At FARFETCH, we have seen great results across the shopping funnel with outstanding feature adoption, product engagement, and significantly higher sales for Virtual Try-On-enabled products.
  • Gucci
    This initiative bears witness to Gucci's unique ability to combine the past with the contemporary, vintage with technology, the real with the virtual. It's creating an even stronger attachment, because people feel like they are closer to the brand. Customers feel like they are having a shared experience, and co-creating with Gucci.

Let's talk about accelerating your digital strategy with 3D and AR experience!

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