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Virtual Try-on for Clothes

Allow customers to visualize how the brand's clothes will look on them from the comfort of their homes! Overcome the limitations of online shopping by providing a more immersive and interactive experience.

Value for your business


Enhance luxury e-commerce

WANNA Clothes Virtual Try-On addresses a major pain point in luxury e-commerce, where customers are unable to physically try on clothes before making a purchase. Our second-generation virtual try-on experience is specifically designed for e-commerce, providing highly realistic visualization tailored to luxury brands.


Provide personalized shopping experience

Our Clothes Virtual Try-On allows customers to virtually pair the brand's garments with their existing outfits from the comfort of their homes. This significantly enriches the user journey compared to regular product images on the website by providing a more immersive and personilized experience.


Implement virtual try-on across the brand’s value chain

It can be implemented throughout the brands’ value chain, from product design and marketing to wholesale, direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce, and retail.


Provide a true-to-life experience with WANNA’s proprietary algorithms

We are proud of our proprietary algorithms that offer a virtual try-on even for fitted clothes, achieving a high level of realism in textures and materials. This breakthrough technology makes the garments look true to life.


Why choose Wanna?

Exceptional customer service

Our highly skilled team, well-versed in luxury brands' needs, delves into the partner's business, tailors solutions to their requests, and fulfills them promptly and efficiently.

Quality meets efficiency

We are the 3D fashion expert, providing premium quality 3D models that create smooth and realistic visuals, and optimizing them to be lightweight and perform fast in immersive experiences.

Full-service provider

We help enrich a brand's digital strategy by providing 3D and AR experiences that are game-changers at every stage of the customer journey, including awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty.

Easy Implementation

We offer low-code solutions that can be implemented without significant time and labor costs, including a ready-made solution for Virtual Try-On that can be integrated into a website with just a few lines of code.

Let's talk about enriching your digital strategy with 3D and AR experiences!

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