WANNA Virtual Try-On for Bags

Boost customer satisfaction and purchase confidence: allow users to try on bags in AR and pair them with different outfits.

Overcome online shopping limitations, bringing products to customers’ personal space.

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Try-Before-You-Buy Experience

We address a significant pain point in fashion e-commerce, where customers cannot try on a bag before buying. According to UX interviews with luxury shoppers, there is a strong desire to interact with the bag, try it on, assess the fit, and pair it with their style.

AR Try-On significantly enriches the user journey compared to 2D images on the website by providing a more immersive and personalised experience.


Integration From 1 Day

Seamless web integration ensures a wide and inclusive reach — no need for extra apps. Links to AR try-ons can be used in marketing campaigns and shared via newsletters, Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok.


Drive sales

Engagement increase: +32%

Conversion rate increase: +7%

Returns decrease: 14%

(Data based on customers’ use cases)


Deliver a true-to-life experience

We are proud of our proprietary algorithms that offer a virtual try-on, achieving a high level of realism in fitting and materials. This breakthrough technology makes bags look true to life.


Maximising ROI from Developed 3D Assets

Based on UX research and luxury shoppers’ insights, WANNA provides a comprehensive ecosystem for an almost in-store bags selection experience. Once created, brands can reuse 3D assets to deliver the complete try-before-you-buy experience with the AR try-on, the 3D Viewer, and the Animated Capacity Widget.

WANNA 3D Viewer for Bags

The 3D Viewer for Bags offers your customers a near in-store shopping experience, enabling them to understand the size and capacity of a bag as if they were holding it in their hands

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The 3D Viewer for Bags enhances customer confidence in purchases by allowing them to:

Zoom in and out

Explore details from every angle

Get a better understanding of the material, texture and craftsmanship

Make informed shopping decisions


It reduces returns and carbon footprint:

The 3D Viewer addresses a major industry pain point wherein customers return bags due to unmet size expectations

A capacity widget shows which types of objects could fit into a bag: mobile phone, glasses case, laptop, etc

This leads to a decrease in returns and therefore contributes to sustainable development

Why choose WANNA?

Exceptional customer service

Our highly skilled team, well-versed in luxury brands’ needs, delves into the partner’s business, tailors solutions to their requests, and fulfills them promptly and efficiently.

Quality meets efficiency

We are the 3D fashion expert, providing premium quality 3D models that create smooth and realistic visuals, and optimizing them to be lightweight and perform fast in immersive experiences.

Full-service provider

We help enrich a brand’s digital strategy by providing 3D and AR experiences that are game-changers at every stage of the customer journey, including awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty.

Easy Implementation

We offer low-code solutions that can be implemented without significant time and labor costs, including a ready-made solution for Virtual Try-On that can be integrated into a website with just a few lines of code.

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Let’s talk about enriching your digital strategy with 3D and AR experiences!

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