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Showcase your iconic watches, footwear, homeware or jewellery in an engaging way with our new 3D Viewer. Let customers explore the details from every angle and get a better understanding of the details and texture of the product as if they had it in their hands.

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Showcase your iconic items with the utmost realism

Thanks to our single-window approach, we provide you with everything you need (technology and premium-quality 3D models) to create a luxury immersive experience for your esteemed customers. The combination of WANNA's proprietary algorithms with our outstanding content-related services ensures high-end quality and realism of the experience, leading to significant improvements in key metrics and customer satisfaction. We take care of all the technicalities and content issues, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process.

Help your customers establish an emotional connection with the product:

The more interactive and engaging the experience, the stronger the emotional connection between the product and the customer, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates. The ability to explore your iconic items from every angle with the 3D Viewer gives customers a sense of attachment and interaction, creating an experience more similar to a boutique visit than simply browsing ordinary 2D photos.

Easy-to-use solution for visualising a variety of 3D content

Use it for a variety of categories including watches, homeware, jewellery and different footwear styles like high heels and sandals.

Enhance customer confidence in purchases by allowing them to:

Zoom in and out

Explore details from every angle

Get a better understanding of the material, texture and craftsmanship

Make informed shopping decisions

Reduce returns and carbon footprint

As 3D viewer helps customers to make an informed shopping decision that leads to a decrease in returns and therefore contributes to sustainable development

Bridge the gap between products and customers, boosting your business




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Why choose Wanna?

Exceptional customer service

Our highly skilled team, well-versed in luxury brands' needs, delves into the partner's business, tailors solutions to their requests, and fulfills them promptly and efficiently.

Quality meets efficiency

We are the 3D fashion expert, providing premium quality 3D models that create smooth and realistic visuals, and optimizing them to be lightweight and perform fast in immersive experiences.

Full-service provider

We help enrich a brand's digital strategy by providing 3D and AR experiences that are game-changers at every stage of the customer journey, including awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty.

Easy Implementation

We offer low-code solutions that can be implemented without significant time and labor costs, including a ready-made solution for Virtual Try-On that can be integrated into a website with just a few lines of code.

Let's talk about enriching your digital strategy with 3D and AR experiences!

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