Balenciaga Introduces Sneaker Virtual Try-On Powered by WANNA for Summer 24 Collection

Century-old fashion brand BALENCIAGA has once again stepped into the future of online shopping with the launch of the Cargo Sneaker Virtual Try-On experience, immediately following their Summer 24 Collection presentation.

Powered by WANNA, this innovative Virtual Try-On capability is seamlessly integrated into Balenciaga’s e-commerce platform. It enhances the customer journey, providing a realistic ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience.

Throughout the activation, there was a remarkable 9.6 time increase in the average number of try-ons. Notably, 61% of the try-ons were attributed to the Balenciaga Cargo Sneaker, indicating a significant spotlight on this new product and concurrently drawing attention to other products available on the website.

Furthermore, an encouraging 76.4% of users who engaged with try-ons also opted to capture a photo, adding an interactive and personalised dimension to their experience.

This advancement aligns with Balenciaga's commitment to leveraging technology and prioritising innovation to engage with discerning audiences.