WANNA Launches 3D Viewer for All Product Categories.

WANNA announced the launch of WANNA 3D Viewer, allowing luxury e-commerce retailers to offer 3D experiences for all product categories.

Online luxury shopping has long grappled with the challenge of providing in-depth online product exploration akin to the tactile experience in a physical store. Traditional product photos fail to deliver the interactive and engaging encounters today’s online shoppers expect. WANNA 3D Viewer helps bridge this gap by providing a digital experience for customers to explore the products in more detail and from different angles from the comfort of their homes, helping to overcome the limitations of online shopping and providing an immersive user journey.

WANNA 3D Viewer empowers brands to explore new communication methods and instills customer confidence by leveraging immersive technology. This easy-to-use and user-friendly tool is a versatile medium for visualising a wide range of 3D content. It is designed to showcase and interact with 3D models of watches, sneakers, heels, other types of footwear, homeware, and extended gems support. The WANNA 3D Viewer extends its reach to products that may not be suitable for Augmented Reality (AR) fittings, delivering the hallmark quality and realism associated with WANNA’s 3D assets to many categories.

Sergey Arkhangelskiy, CEO at WANNA, said:

“Growing demand for 3D in luxury fashion signals a major industry shift towards a more engaging and realistic product discovery journey. Compared to product photos, 3D assets provide customers with opportunities to explore the details of various products from the comfort of their homes and help to build an emotional connection with the product. 3D also helps customers to make more informed purchasing decisions”.

The WANNA 3D Viewer boasts various features, including Points of Interest (POI), that allow brands to highlight specific attributes of a 3D model and craft compelling product storytelling around them. Additionally, brands can incorporate text information for each POI. The Enhanced Gems feature allows consumers to experience colored gems and brilliants that closely resemble their real-world counterparts. Integration of the WANNA 3D Viewer into websites is seamless through the SDK.

When using the WANNA 3D Viewer, users can rotate products, zoom in and out on various angles and details, and navigate through POIs, enabling them to capture the product’s story and establish an emotional connection with the product.

Combining WANNA’s proprietary algorithms and outstanding content-related services ensures high-end quality and realism of the experience, significantly improving key metrics and customer satisfaction.