Loewe Integrates WANNA 3D Viewer in Flamenco Purse Launch.

With the rise of immersive experiences in brand campaigns and e-commerce, Loewe partners with WANNA to introduce 3D Viewer for Bags to launch the highly anticipated Flamenco Purse. The WANNA 3D Viewer is one of the important components of the launch campaign, setting a new standard for online product discovery.

The 3D Viewer addresses a significant challenge in e-commerce: the mismatch between customer expectations and the product received. Crafted specifically to tackle this issue, the 3D Viewer for Bags offers an immersive 360° view, enabling users to zoom in and out, scrutinise the material, and accurately assess the bag's dimensions, including length, width, and height.

Loewe's 3D and AR technology adoption reflects the growing digital transformation trend in luxury e-commerce. Loewe remains at the forefront, prioritising immersive experiences that transcend traditional online shopping boundaries.

Increasing the share of digital twins in luxury goods distribution can positively impact the industry and make it more sustainable. By making an informed purchasing decision at the virtual try-on stage, online shoppers will make fewer returns.