Loewe & On launch AR try-on experience for the new Cloudtilt 2.0 sneakers.

LOEWE x On announce the launch of the virtual try-on (VTO) experience for the new Cloudtilt 2.0 sneaker, powered by WANNA, a prominent provider of augmented reality (AR) and virtual try-on technology. The virtual try-on experience is available for 8 unique models of the new sneakers on LOEWE's website. The AR experience was part of the marketing campaign, including Loewe’s website and newsletter. The brand offered customers the opportunity to try on shoes virtually and register for early access to shop the collection two days before the global launch.

Building on the comfort and versatility of the co-designed Cloudtilt, the new Cloudtilt 2.0 features multi-layer mesh and textile uppers and fresh enhancements, including extra cushioning, rubber toe guards, and a sleek branded heel top. The virtual try-on provides a digital experience for customers to visualise how the Cloudtilt 2.0 sneakers would look on them, virtually match it with their existing looks in the comfort of their place, and help to overcome the limitations of online shopping and provide a more immersive and interactive user journey.

The launch of the experience coincides with the release of LOEWE x On latest activewear collection. For previous launches, the partnering brands have always relied on the AR try-on experience for Cloudtilt sneakers. Introducing VTO to the discovery journey increases engagement with new LOEWE x On pieces and puts them in the spotlight.

Carlota Rodríguez, Digital Merchandiser at LOEWE, said:

“LOEWE is proud to partner with WANNA in launching a virtual try-on experience for Cloudtilt 2.0. In ten days since the launch of the new Cloudtilt 2.0, we’ve seen almost 500,000 AR try-ons. The success of this feature proves its value for online shoppers in their discovery journey. Enabling lifelike experiences for online shoppers propels broader adoption of Virtual Try-On in fashion. This reaffirms Virtual Try-On's pivotal role as an invaluable tool for marketing and e-commerce, enhancing discovery and engagement in the dynamic landscape of online luxury shopping."

Pushing forward the product pictures to provide an engaging experience, LOEWE x On hit the boundaries of the footwear discovery process. By harnessing the power of WANNA’s proprietary algorithms and precise fitting and tracking technologies, customers can experience Cloudtilt 2.0 textures, materials, and details with unparalleled realism.