WANNA’s new Enhanced Gems feature allows showcasing jewellery in 3D Viewer and AR Try-On with the highest realism.

WANNA, a leading provider of augmented reality and virtual try-on (VTO) technology for the luxury industry, announced the launch of the new Enhanced Gems feature for VTO and 3D Viewer. The new feature offers VTO and 3D experiences for diamonds and coloured gems, answering a demand from jewellery brands for highly realistic 3D and AR experiences.

Online luxury shopping has long grappled with providing an effective and engaging presentation of diamonds and gemstones in the digital world akin to the tactile experience in a physical store. Product photos don’t offer an interactive and engaging experience anticipated by today’s online shoppers, lacking the sparkles and playful reflections of gemstones, which are challenging to capture. WANNA’s new Enhanced Gems Feature helps bridge this gap by providing a digital experience for customers to explore diamonds and coloured gems in more detail and from different angles.

Olga Titova, Chief Product Officer at WANNA, said:

“Based on extensive UX research and luxury shoppers' insights, we have crafted a comprehensive ecosystem that offers an almost in-store jewellery selection experience. Our new cutting-edge rendering for precious gems and custom shaders is the most true-to-life in the industry. Our technology delivers the highest realism in the materials and textures of high-end jewellery.

We pride ourselves on providing premium-quality 3D models that produce smooth, realistic visuals while being optimized for lightweight and fast performance in immersive experiences. The growing adoption of 3D and AR solutions in luxury e-commerce proves that these experiences enhance user engagement and create memorable touchpoints for online shoppers. This drives a deeper connection between the consumer and the product, reinforcing the value and appeal of high-end jewellery in a digital context."

This new digital activation could also drive online sales and traffic to offline stores. By allowing shoppers to discover jewellery online, try it on, and explore the details from every angle, brands can attract new customers to their physical stores. Additionally, brands can stir up the interest of shoppers who visit offline stores but have not yet made a purchase. The brand can later share an immersive 3D or AR try-on experience with them, re-engaging these potential customers and encouraging them to return and complete the purchase. This personalized follow-up reminds the client about the item and allows them to interact with it in a detailed and engaging way. By showcasing the piece in 3D and AR, the brand builds an emotional connection with the shopper, reinforcing their interest and leading to a purchase.

Adrianne Sanogo, GIA Graduate Gemologist, Graduate Pearl, comments:

“As a gemologist, I find the image quality from WANNA's Enhanced Gems feature impressive - better than real. I particularly appreciate the ability to see jewelry on different skin tones. My other favourite feature was the light reflections and color of the gemstones. The technology brings gems to life, showcasing their scintillation remarkably well.

Once you've had this immersive viewing experience, you won't want to go back. It’s transformative in how it allows interaction with the jewelry. Additionally, the experience was impressively quick on both mobile and desktop.”

This new feature is a versatile tool for visualising a wide range of jewellery, including timepieces with precious stones, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, apparel, and footwear. Enhanced Gems feature is available in WANNA’s VTO for web and 3D Viewer. The cutting-edge rendering for precious gems and custom shaders provides a true-to-life, realistic experience, not “cartoonish”. WANNA’s technology delivers the highest realism in the materials and fit of high-end jewellery. The feature vividly showcases the nuanced light reflections of diamonds and coloured gems, mirroring real-life brilliance and preserving the physical qualities of stones.

The WANNA team significantly optimised the 3D asset production process for gemstones to mitigate the risk of increased modelling costs and production time. A streamlined workflow for 3D modelling teams ensures cost efficiency, fast asset production, and high-standard quality control. WANNA's new feature is available on all platforms.