Maison Valentino partners with WANNA to launch a clothing VTO experience for its Spring 2024 collection.

A curated selection of 8 pieces from the Spring 2024 collection is available for virtual try-on exclusively within the WANNA Wear app: Maison Valentino, known for its uniqueness and creativity, has designed an exclusive array of looks that embody the spirit of celebration and the upcoming seasonal festivities.

This partnership continues Maison Valentino's exploration of immersive technologies. Following our successful first launch earlier this year, featuring a selection of men's upper-wear items from the Valentino Fall 2023 collection, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of fashion and technology.

The new exclusive pieces presented in the WANNA Wear app are decorated with feathers, crystals, and sequins. Rendering feathers, crystals, and sequins realistically in VTO experiences is challenging due to their intricate and complex textures. Simulating how they interact with light and motion adds to the complexity. WANNA is currently working to overcome this challenge and achieve a lifelike experience for these elements.

WANNA’s clothing VTO solution addresses the major pain point in luxury e-commerce, where customers are unable to physically try on clothes before making a purchase. It is a second-generation VTO experience designed exclusively for e-commerce use, providing highly realistic visualisations tailored to luxury brands. It allows customers to virtually pair the brand’s garments with their existing outfits from the comfort of their homes. This enhances the user journey compared to regular product images by providing an immersive and personalised experience.