Maison Valentino Launches A Virtual Try-On Experience for Valentino Garavani VSLING Bag in Partnership with WANNA

WANNA, a leading provider of augmented reality and virtual try-on (VTO) technology for the luxury industry and subsidiary of Farfetch, today announced the launch of a virtual try-on experience for the Valentino Garavani VSLING bag in partnership with the Maison. This collaboration makes Valentino the first luxury brand to integrate the bags VTO technology into its website. The virtual try-on offers customers an immersive and convenient way to experiment with the Valentino Garavani VSLING bag on Valentino’s website before making a purchase, try it on virtually, pair it with their outfits, and assess the fit anywhere and anytime.

The launch of the VTO experience coincides with the new digital campaign for the Valentino Garavani VSLING bag featuring actress Samara Weaving. In the new story, the bag is given the spotlight as a true seasonal star, adaptable and effortlessly chic. It is marked by seamless versatility and refined craftsmanship. Held by its top handle or worn closely cross-body, the bag speaks to the realities of today, an effortless companion for a life without boundaries or rules, moving seamlessly from day to night.

Online shoppers will be able to try the bag virtually in five colours. Designed with diverse user scenarios in mind, WANNA’s VTO technology allows online shoppers to virtually try on bags using both their smartphones' front and rear cameras. The technology also empowers customers to experiment with different styles and colours and determine which options best suit their preferences and personal style.

Following the successful launch of virtual try-on experiences for footwear and clothing, Maison Valentino continues exploring new categories and integrating immersive technology into its latest campaigns. The VTO offers an opportunity to discover the distinctive versatility of the Valentino Garavani VSLING bag, the perfect accessory for expressing your personality with sophistication.

Zina Grossman, Chief Growth Officer at WANNA, said:

“The integration of virtual try-on technology is expanding within e-commerce, and our partnership with Valentino signifies the dawn of a new era in online shopping for fashion bags. The novel web-based VTO offers a phygital experience that enriches and personalises the user journey. This innovation aids consumers in making informed decisions and fosters an emotional connection with the product, making it a pivotal enhancement for luxury e-commerce.”

WANNA VTO for Bags stands out for its seamless web integration, ensuring broad and inclusive reach. The VTO technology integrates into any website without the need for additional apps. Moreover, WANNA’s AR experiences come with shareable links suitable for digital marketing campaigns, newsletters, Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok. WANNA VTO for Bags is currently available via SDK.