WANNA Launches Virtual Try-On for Bags

The bags VTO solution allows customers to interact with the bag before making a purchase, try it on virtually, pair it with their outfits, and assess the fit anywhere and anytime. This significantly enriches the user journey compared to regular product images on a website and provides a more immersive and personalised experience.

With the vast range of bag options available, it can be difficult to truly evaluate a bag when shopping online. WANNA’s VTO for bags helps to bridge this gap by providing a dynamic digital experience, enabling customers to make more informed purchase decisions. It empowers users to experiment with different styles and colours and determine which options best suit their preferences and personal style. Designed with diverse user scenarios in mind, WANNA’s VTO technology allows online shoppers to virtually try on bags using both the front and rear cameras of their smartphones. WANNA is heavily committed to user testing to ensure its products are user-friendly and provide significant value to the end-user.

WANNA’s VTO for bags stands out for its seamless web integration, ensuring wide and inclusive reach, especially valuable for luxury brands without dedicated mobile applications. What sets WANNA apart is its deployment efficiency. The VTO technology integrates into any website without the need for additional apps. Moreover, WANNA’s AR experiences come with shareable links, suitable for integration into marketing campaigns, newsletters, Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok. The experience is currently available for crossbody bags, with more bag styles coming later this year. Additionally, WANNA maximises efficiency by optimising the same 3D assets for the VTO experience and the 3D Viewer, enabling online retailers to reuse these assets across different solutions.

Zina Grossman, Chief Growth Officer at WANNA, said:

“Through comprehensive UX research and understanding the needs of luxury shoppers deeply, WANNA provides a comprehensive ecosystem offering a near in-store experience when selecting a bag. With augmented reality try-on, 3D Viewer, and Animated Capacity Widget, customers can interact with the bag, explore it from every angle, appreciate the craftsmanship, and effortlessly place multiple items into a bag to witness how each item seamlessly fits.”

WANNA’s technology ensures realistic, accurate product representation. Its proprietary algorithms deliver a high level of realism in fit and materials, making bags appear true to life. VTO for bags is currently available via SDK.