How Web Virtual Try-On is Redefining Luxury E-Commerce.

WANNA stands as an industry leader in Virtual Try-On (VTO) and 3D experiences, exemplified by its highly realistic VTO for the web. Recognizing the challenges posed by current mobile device limitations, WANNA has strategically focused on crafting a VTO solution that excels in seamless web integration. This is particularly valuable for luxury brands without dedicated mobile applications, ensuring a broad and inclusive reach. What sets WANNA apart is its remarkable deployment efficiency, taking just 60 minutes to integrate its cutting-edge virtual try-on technology onto any website, eliminating the need for additional apps. Moreover, WANNA’s VTO experiences are designed with versatility in mind, as links to these experiences can be effortlessly shared across popular platforms such as Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok. This level of accessibility and realism positions WANNA as an unparalleled solution for businesses seeking to elevate their online presence and offer customers an immersive virtual try-on experience on the web.

Here is why WANNA’s VTO for Web is a go-to solution for your website:

Easy to Integrate

It’s as easy as that. It takes just 60 minutes to deploy WANNA’s virtual try-on technology on your website, and no apps are needed for integration. You can also link VTO to your Instagram post, so that users start the Virtual Try-On directly in the Instagram browser. AR experiences enrich product discovery and help online shoppers engage with the product before making a purchase.

Fast Start Time

Fast loading times are essential for creating a successful VTO experience, as users expect immediate or near-instant feedback when they initiate a try-on. Slow loading disrupts this expectation, resulting in frustration and diminished user satisfaction.

Increase in Conversion Rates

Customers are more likely to complete a purchase if they can quickly and smoothly visualise how a product looks on them. WANNA’s clients have seen a 6x increase in conversion rates after integrating Web VTO.

Enhancing the key touchpoints for consumers.

According to a recent Bain & Company report, 66% of luxury shoppers visit the brand’s website before making a purchase. A VTO experience significantly increases user engagement and helps shoppers make informed purchasing decisions while browsing through product detail pages.

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